“Ms. Dabney Kerr joined the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Art in Embassies (AIE) as a Public Affairs Specialist. Her responsibilities expanded significantly as she was designated the general project manager for AIE’s 50th anniversary. Ms. Kerr was able to successfully oversee the planning and execution of unprecedented, large, complex projects - all of which she achieved within stringent budget requirements.

Ms. Kerr has been a pleasure to work with, owing to her adaptability, resilience, and unfailingly positive attitude. Ms. Kerr favorably engaged constituencies that ranged from AIE’s internationally recognized corporate sponsors, and some of the nation’s highest ranking military leaders, artists, consultants, writers, and the Department’s ethical, legal, financial, and management leadership. 

It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Kerr as a person of sensitivity and integrity who will apply her considerable talents, skills and experience to whatever she endeavors to do.”

Virginia Shore, Acting Director 

Art in Embassies

U.S. Department of State 



“My association with Dabney Kerr began when she was Director of Museum Advancement at the Museum of Design/Atlanta. In my role as a partner with our firm, I usually terminate cold calls easily and politely within ten seconds or less. With Dabney, it was different, so different that after three calls over several years – to all of which I firmly responded negatively – I wanted to meet this person and see for myself what made her different.

Recognizing Dabney’s talents, I retained her to present a series of seminars about business development and communications to all our 180 employees. Dabney excels in her own communications and is thoughtful and articulate enough to effectively teach others these skills. She frames these skills in a way that relates to real world scenarios, across industry.”

Stephen M. Sessler, Partner

Newcomb & Boyd, Consulting Engineering Group



“Dabney Kerr has worked closely with my office and has proved herself invaluable as a determined professional and effective individual. She has succeeded in ensuring the realization of an idea to create the first US Advisory Council in support of the Prince of Wales’s Business & the Environment Programme.

With her gentle, professional but determined persistence, she was able to confirm the inaugural membership status and financial support nearing $1,000,000 in support of this initiative. 

Dabney has been not only effective but also a pleasure to work with. She has the ability to make a tremendous difference to whatever she applies herself to. We wish her well in the next stage of her career.” 

Polly Courtise

Programme Director

Prince of Wale’s Business & the Environment Programme